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A linear walk alongside a river, followed by an ascent to two lovely lagunas, passing through a tunnel with a canal for electricity generation.

22 kilometres there and back with 600 metres of ascent and descent for the full out-and-back route. Grade 3 - strenuous.

Being a linear walk, it can be cut short at any point. A good place to turn around for the less ambitious is at the hydro-electric station.


The walk begins at the car park alongside the Rio Borosa, which is reached by road from Cazorla town to Torre del Vinagre, and then turning right to cross the small bridge over the young river Guadalquivir, and following the road round to the left. There is a major car park, and a little farther on a smaller one right next to the river, after passing a fish farm.

The walk goes to the right, following the Rio Borosa on a good, broad track. You will very soon pass a delightful pool in the river where people swim in the summer, but beyond here swimming is not allowed. A little farther on a very nice tributary joins the river on the far side, flowing over white limestone. The track crosses the river. Ignore another track going off to the right (this is part of the GR7 long-distance path) and continue hugging the river bank. By the crossing there are some spectacularly folded rocks above on the left. The track crosses back to the left side over a wooden bridge, and you should take a path to the right signposted to Cerrada de Elias.

Cross a narrow footbridge, and then cross back again. Cross again to the right side of the river and then follow a board walk which is suspended above the river, pegged into the rocky side of the gorge. Beyond the boardwalk, the path rejoins the track, which comes over a bridge from the left side, and now you should continue along the track following the river, as views of the higher peaks open out ahead, until you reach another bridge leading to a hydro-electric plant on the left side of the river. Above here, the river is in fact a stream, descending through cascades before widening out in the lower reaches. From here the tougher part of the walk commences.

Go to the electric building, and take a path immediately to the right of the fence, between the building and the stream. It soon becomes a good path, ascending in zig-zags much more steeply than before. You will pass below high cliffs on the left, and above cascades on the right. There are signs warning of falling rocks. Higher up, you will reach a high waterfall (dry in the summer, spectacular in the spring) and the path swings back to the left, and then to the right to enter a narrow tunnel. It is dark, and a headtorch will help, although there are "windows" cut through the rock at times. Pass through a second tunnel (which can be wet underfoot), and then emerge above the waterfall you already passed. Continue along to reach the beautiful Laguna de Aguas Negras (lake of the black waters, which have always been blue for me!). This makes an excellent destination for the walk, but crossing the damn and then to the right of the lake takes you a further kilometre to the second lake, Laguna de Valdeazores. Alternatively you can take the path to the left bank of the first lake to reach the source of the Borosa. Either way, you will need to retrace your steps to the beginning.



Above - waterfall in the Borosa

Below - up through the trees

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